Why Foundation Partners?

Our business is built on foundations and partnerships that are sustainable and lasting. We are experts at looking forward, while making the most of today.

Key People

Foundation Partners: Chris Runciman

Chris Runciman

Managing Director

Chris formed Foundation Partners in 2008, off the back of leading IT teams across New Zealand and Australia in businesses such as Honeywell and Unilever. He saw an opportunity to bring the benefits of enterprise grade IT thinking to mid-market businesses, providing them with access to IT expertise and leadership that helps them navigate the increasingly complex technology landscape. Chris is passionate about ensuring that his customers get the best from their IT now, and into the future. He loves exploring opportunities to leverage IT that help customers gain a commercial competitive edge.

Foundation Partners: James MacKinnon

James MacKinnon

General Manager, Services

James joined Foundation Partners in 2014 to look after the service team and the clients they support. Prior to joining he was responsible for establishing the managed services division for the New Zealand office of a large international IT business. This saw him grow and lead a team, while also establishing CRM, integrated quoting and accountancy systems to help the business to operate nationwide. He was attracted to Foundation Partners because of its smaller size and agility, and the more hands on role he would be able to play with clients and the direction of the business.

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