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Cloud Desktops

Desktop as a Service:  Rapidly upgrade your end-users desktop experience on old PC hardware using Cloud Desktops

A Cloud Desktop is almost identical to your PC's desktop experience, except it runs within the secure world of a data centre and your device only receives screen and keyboard information.  This means a fresh, fast, desktop experience available on virtually any device.

Use Cloud Desktops to allow staff to access business applications and shared data within a consistent and secure environment that is easy to manage, fast and mobile. This enables staff to work almost anywhere and have no need to take data with them whether working onsite or offsite.

 Key Benefits of Deploying Cloud Desktops

  • Reduce desktop IT support and management costs

  • Improve network security

  • Reduce or eliminate capital expenditure on new PCs 

  • Allow staff greater flexibility over when and where they work

Working on a Cloud Desktop means you can:

  1. Start work in the office on one device
  2. Use your tablet or mobile phone, connect to your desktop while on the road, bus or train
  3. Pickup up where you left off when you arrive home, and
  4. Arrive back at the office and carry on working

The end to end experience is seamless, secure and productive.  Freedom!