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Eliminate harmful email BEFORE it gets to your network

Our Anti-Spam solution increases the security of your email system by providing inbound and outbound email security, threat detection and email server blacklist prevention.

All email passes through our cloud service where emails are vetted, attachments scanned and senders verified before passing messages on to your email system.

Our Anti-Spam is a complete email security platform for any sized organization. It provides anti-spam, antivirus, anti-phishing, anti-malware, data leakage prevention, identity based encryption (IBE), message archival and anti-blacklisting, in a single holistic solution to protect against inbound attacks and outbound threats.

The system is very easy to use and enables your staff to see what spam is getting blocked and quickly release emails that are quarantined.

Our solution is built around FortiNet’s best-of-breed security technology and integrates seamlessly with our Internet Usage Reporting and Security solutions.

Key Features and Benefits

  • Instant Protection - Deployed in a matter of hours with no upfront investment and easy to understand pricing structure
  • Email Filtering - Block spam and malware before it can clog your network and affect users
  • Outbound inspection technology prevents outbound spam or malware (including 3G mobile traffic) from causing other anti-spam gateways to blacklist your users
  • Email Security - A bi-directional, robust, highly accurate anti-spam and antimalware solution eliminating advanced phishing attacks, directory harvesting attacks, malware and other threats
  • Reputation Protection – The solution’s inspection technology throttles and blocks inbound and outbound SPAM and malware, ensuring your domain mail server is not compromised or blacklisted
  • Data Leakage Prevention – Customizable with predefined dictionaries (including regular expression patterns) to prevent accidental or intentional loss of confidential or regulated data
  • Mail Archiving – The solution may be used as a policy-based email archive solution for inbound or outbound email, as required by many organizations for compliance purposes