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Foundation Cloud Platform

Our cloud platform has been engineered for speed and designed to provide our customers with the highest performing infrastructure available.

Our cloud services delivery team ensures that your experience working with us is enjoyable and turbulence free. The latest technology with solid old fashion service - a combination made in heaven!

Datacentre.JPGOur Data Centres

Our Data Centres for cloud hosting are based in Australasia's leading data centres owned and operated by Vocus Communications. These are the most connected data centres in the region, known for their performance and reliability.      


 Cloud Connectivity


Our data centres offer the widest range of connectivity options in the New Zealand and Australian markets.

Whether you need modest UFB fibre connectivity through to fault tolerant WAN connections running at blazing speeds (10Gb/s+), we can supply a service tailored to your specific need. 

Read more about NZ connectivity and the capabilities of the Vocus / FX Networks below.

Cloud Connectivity   



Cloud Servers

We deliver cloud servers which are  sized to your needs whether modest or significant, and you can be assured that our servers have been engineered to perform for you!

Our cloud is delivered via VMware's industry leading cloud platform, featuring SSD accelerated storage and are connected via our secure 'network of networks'.  This means that your servers are connected to separate public, private and management networks to ensure the security and speed of your systems are maintained.  All private network connections are offered at 10Gb/s to ensure that bottlenecks are eliminated between your servers.


Information and Data Protection

Information is an organisations’ most important asset, and protecting it is a vital issue, its security is a central concern for our cloud environment.

Cloud based systems are by very definition connected to the internet and therefore carry risks. Our data centres are protected against these in a number of ways, including via Vocus, whose data centres are protected against distributed denial of service attacks (DDoS) via a number of technologies.

All our cloud servers are also protected using state-of-the-art Fortinet firewall clusters. These appliances provide a number of layers of defences against attacks to our clients systems. 

We take a layered approach to data security, which includes the defenses described above in addition to our active managed services programmes.